Eyefunc is ready for the spring 2021 and will present soon a whole new collection as you are used to from us. We understand all the world is suffering with and from Covid-19, but we are positive about 2021. In many countries opticians can do their business although with limitations. We all hope during 2021 we will beat finally Covid more or less and we can go back to our ‘normal’ lives.
With Eyefunc we think it is our responsibilty to keep up presenting new collections with new ideas and colours. This time we spent even more energy and time as before in creating our new spring collection. The coming weeks we will present the collection to our distributors so they can start spreading the news to the opticians in their country.

The year normally starts for Eyefunc being present at the international fairs as Opti, Brille&Co, Mido and Hall of Frames, but this year it is still impossible to organize fairs. We hope that we will be present  at the fairs again in the Autumn.

Above you see one of our new models and colours for the spring. A men model in a well designed model with high level of details. Very light and strong stainless steel makes this model so nice to wear. The yellow colour is well chosen and very unique. Just an example from Eyefunc new collection.

We wish everyone in this world reading this, wherever you are or what your connection is with Eyefunc, a lot of health and ask you to be carefull and stay away from Covid. Better times will come.