Preparations are well underway at our Design Studio for the brilliant – new EYEFUNC Fall/Winter collection.
Special marketing and attention will be given to 5 woman’s styles and 3 men’s styles. We could not contain our excitement to begin work with our fashion models on the new collection.
To promote EYEFUNC we supply our distributors all over the world again with the most beautiful pictures and posters. The pictures are now finished and came out even better than we originally thought. Living up to the brand name – EYEFUNC – our new collection looks even better on the faces of the models.

At EYEFUNC we make our own designs always maintaining the best quality for the best possible price. For everybody there is an EYEFUNC frame. We Design on the edge with the idea that eyeglasses must be like a piece of jewelry fitting comfortably on your face.
**Notice that our fashion models are simply ‘normal’ people, without using a lot of (chemical) make up. There’s no re-touch on the pictures either. The fashion models are just as they are……looking great with an EYEFUNC frame… just as you can!